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Self Photos / Files - 6-1-1Advance Resources offers professional and efficient HR solution. We are member of various Hong Kong association such as HKGCC, HKiHRM, HKGCSMB, IEA & etc. Our team possesses decades of human resources and commercial experience in various sectors we specialized in. We understand client’s corporate culture and values, and embrace them in our business practices. We are honest, fair and we work with integrity. We often play a vital and value-added role in the fulfillment of the corporate vision and strategies of our clients.


Service Introduction:

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English version:https://youtu.be/tcNQIOANa7M

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Chinese version:https://youtu.be/Awz0LMjdGh0

Our firm specializes in financial services markets, particularly in retail and commercial banks, fund house, asset management, general and life insurance, pension, Information Technology (IT), engineering, Government and Public Sector.