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How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

What is a job interview?

A job interview is a meeting for the employer to see whether the job seeker would be the right person to do the job. It is a good chance for the job seeker to “sell” himself to the potential employer.


Preparing job interview

If you meet the basic requirement of the job, you will be invited to attend the interview. Therefore, you should be well-prepared.

  • Research the organization and job
  • Know what the organization wants
  • Evaluate your talents, skills and experience and to what extent you match their needs
  • Anticipate the questions that may be asked
  • Decide on the questions you might want to ask
  • Rehearse the interview (if possible)


Types of interview

  • Individual interview
  • Group interview
  • Personality Test
  • Written Test


Dress code

  • Be neat and tidy
  • Be simple, appropriate and commensurate with the job you apply for and the culture of the company
  • Don’t dress too trendy and colorful
  • Men should be cleanly shaven
  • Women should avoid heavy make-up and dressing with too many accessories


Items to be brought

  • Resume
  • Education certificate
  • Proof of working experience
  • HKID card
  • Passport photo
  • Job description
  • Interviewer’s contact
  • Mobile phone
  • Pen


Types of interview questions

  • Personal background and information
    • Education
    • Working Experiences
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Interests
  • Understanding of applied industry, company and position
  • Work motivation and ambition
  • Work-related skills and knowledge
  • Scenario questions



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