HR Outsourcing

Payroll, Benefits & Administration Outsourcing


Focus on Your Core Business and Activities

It enables your team to focus on your core business, value-added functions and development. Payroll administration and process outsourcing reduce the time and cost associated with your staff working on routine administration tasks.


Reduce HR and Administration Cost

With our solid experience and successful cases, we can help our clients reduce up to 40% of HR and administration cost.


Reduce Conflict and Stress Internally

Advance Resources team understands the legal, fiduciary and administrative nuances associated with managing payroll, help you to avoid compliant and maintain on time process regardless of your internal staff changes and vacation. We ensure reliable and accurate, on time payroll execution.


Scope of Services


Cloud-based HR Software

Employee self-services HR web portal

Payroll Administration

MPF Administration

Tax Filing (IR56B)

HR Management Reports

HR-related Ordinances Update



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