HR Project Management

Self Photos / Files - 4-2-1We handle over tens of HR projects a year, including retail promotion, MNC events and government venue and logistic management. Project scale ranges from 10 to 100 part-time staff, with shift rotation.


From budgeting, recruitment, training, uniform, roster, replacement, attendance record, performance management, payroll, we provide full spectrum of HR project management service to clients.

Project Experience:


Customer Service and Ambassadors :

  • Tourism Projects : provide over 200 customer service support in airport, boundary control points, tourist sight-seeing areas
  • Mega Events : distribute over 100,000 flyers and direct traffic for around 100,000 visitors
  • Exhibitions and Museums : over 60 ambassadors, with 2 shifts in each museum
  • Libraries : shelving, supervision, customer service in over 20 libraries
  • Libraries : provide program management service, including venue preparation, escorting and crowd control service for tours, seminars and exhibitions in a period of 12 months

Retail & Promotion :

  • Retail Promotion : over 20 promoters for household and kitchen ware products located in 5 department stores
  •  Roadshow : around 5 promoters to demonstrate new financial service in Roadshow truck

IT :

  • IT Apps : over 10 on-site helpers to teach public and internal staff for the use of new apps
  • IT Operation and Installation : over 50 IT part-time staff to install PC and update software in private bank in 3 months
  • Education Institute : camera shooting service

Data Entry :

  • Government : recruit 40 data entry clerks in 2 months
  •  MPF : over 300 data entry staff for three of the major MPF service providers, for nine months leading to the implementation of the MPF Scheme

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